Monday, January 24, 2011

Professional Cooperation

We, library professionals, dispellers of ignorance and guiders of humanity, can still boost up the image of our profession by developing collaboration and exchange through networks. Professional colleagues must break the gap that they often set unintentionally.

We need to encourage our colleagues (Senior/Younger) to initiate and participate in activities related to librarianship. We need commitment from the part of all and to encourage colleagues to develop the culture of sharing. ‘Library is a service organization’.

Let us begin by serving our profession first, for it to excel and for us to generate a wise knowledgeable and innovative labour force to enhance the development of libraries. It is believed that through cooperation and sharing, the future of our profession will be sustained. Let us hope that professional colleagues will break the shackles of ignorance and take into consideration the development of librarianship and give up the divide and rule system

To our dear departed colleagues Adieu……

Long live library Science, Long live librarianship, long live NLA, long live library collaboration and let knowledge prevail.

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