Monday, January 24, 2011

New Website Helps Frustrated Book Authors

New Website Helps Frustrated Book Authors Land a Book Publishing Contract for a Six-Figure Advance

A group of local book authors has donated their time and wisdom to launch (, a new website to help aspiring authors land a book publishing contract for a six-figure advance.

According to Brian Scott, the site's creator, "Many aspiring authors have never heard about a book proposal or how to use one to land a book publishing contract. Instead, these aspiring authors spend several months writing their books, and then grow old shopping their entire manuscripts around to busy book publishers and literary agents. It's no wonder why many aspiring authors become frustrated and give up. This way does not work today."

To educate aspiring authors about using a book proposal, offers a free online "Book Proposal Writing Workshop (," which teaches writers and book authors how to write a book proposal in seven days or less. The Workshop covers important topics such as: "Why write a book proposal first?," "How to generate ideas to write your book proposal," "How to write your book's blurb for your book proposal," and "How to write your book proposal query letter." At the end of the Workshop, aspiring book authors can download a free sample book proposal ( and use it as a working template for their own work-in-progress proposals.

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