Friday, December 3, 2010

Thank you for birthday wishes

Today I have received many kind wishes for my birthday and I want to thank everyone for your birthday wishes. . I was quite touched by the fact that total strangers took the time to note my birthday and send me birthday wishes it means a lot to me… I have always loved birthdays and the fact you get thoroughly spoilt for a day makes them all the more enjoyable… I have been so busy; I haven't had time to do any posting although I have picked up some great tips from many of your posting. I’m not the measure of what I’ve done but more of who I am and those who've I’ve surrounded myself with. Thank you to those who've motivated me and pushed me to greater heights. You are the reason why and who I am today.

Another year older and I realize there should not be anything to be scared of anymore. Just deal with your insecurities, mistakes, and flaws like a grown human being. People accept you for whom you are and love you through the moments you endure and smile like there’s no tomorrow. So with much resilience in your heart, I hope everyone will love life and live passionately.

The economic case for open access in academic publishing

The economic case for open access in academic publishing: By Adam Stevenson

As hyperbolic as it may sound, academic publishing is the curator and guardian of the accumulated scientific knowledge of the human race, 1600 to present. It is also a cornerstone of modern science, preferentially selecting well-executed research through the peer review process. However, academic libraries are facing decreasing budgets, and even highly ranked universities are having to cut back on journal subscriptions. Since these subscriptions account for up to 75 percent of publishers' revenues, the entire system is feeling the pressure of the economic crisis.

Visioning Librarianship: From Economic Battlegrounds

Visioning Librarianship: From Economic Battlegrounds to Edutainment Battledecks by Jo Rolfe, MA, MLIS
by Jo Rolfe, MA, MLIS

It is more important than ever for library leaders, at every organizational level, to form, articulate, and communicate a powerful, positive, practical, and above all therapeutic vision for the future of librarianship. A vision is needed that will carry us out of the pervading real and psychological cloud of gloom.

What I do advocate is a gathering of the metaphoric clans; a sharing of institutional memory and resources through state, national and global networking opportunities; an increased reliance on cooperative webs of knowledge, communicated and debated via outlets like the Informed Librarian Online for which today I write. If we are to continue to battle for the glory of an informed democracy then librarians are ideally positioned for proactive, non-violent action, because we have access to the knowledge and tools with which to join forces across our ranks.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let's Revive A Reading Culture In Nigeria: Be My Personal Guest.By President Goodluck Jonathan

In pursuance of my desire to encourage a reading culture in Nigeria which I have been committed to from my days as an active academic, I, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, will be presenting a book of my facebook interactions with Nigerians to the public. A few Nigerians who have also distinguished themselves in the literary field will also be on hand to perform public readings. My guest and I will also take and answer a limited number of questions. I want Nigerians reading again because when they read they know and it is not possible to mislead a people who know. So if you are in Lagos, Kaduna, Enugu or Port Harcourt and are free to spend a few hours talking about books and the social media, please join me and my guests on the 20th of December for the book presentation and reading. Seats are limited, so only friends who write in then RSVP can be accommodated. I will be on ground at the event in Lagos and will be connected to the designated venues in Kaduna, Enugu and Port Harcourt via dedicated viewing centers. To ensure ease of identification and further communication, if you are in Lagos and you have a few hours to interract with me, please email your information details including Full Names, City or Town of Residence, Telephone Number (optional) to: If in Kaduna, please email to: If in Enugu, please email to: . And if in Port Harcourt, please email: I look forward to a great outing. GEJ!/notes/goodluck-jonathan/lets-revive-a-reading-culture-in-nigeria-be-my-personal-guest/175816915779285