Thursday, January 27, 2011

E-books and the Library

There seems to be some new elements to the library obsolescence myth, which generally refers to the misconception that libraries can be replaced by the Internet. A new perception of users and non-users is that library eBook selections are paltry. E-Book users are part of the “immediate gratification” generation, and their expectation is that libraries should have complete online collections equal to their print collections, NOW.
If libraries are going to grab a share of the e-Book user audience and find a secure place in the e-Book industry, they need to focus on building their e-Book collections immediately, to move from paltry to essential as soon as possible. One factor in our favor for building library e-Book collections is that libraries will not have to weed their e-Book collections to make space on the shelves for newer books. Libraries need to build their e-Book collections quickly in order to establish a secure place in the rapidly growing e-Book industry.

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