Thursday, March 30, 2017

Catalogue and Index

Catalogue and Index: Periodical of the Cataloguing and Indexing Group, a Special Interest Group of CILIP, the Library and Information Association.....March 2017, Issue 186....

Issue 186 has two interrelated themes. The first theme continues our coverage of the 2016 CILIP CIG conference, with the inclusion of more conference papers. Amy Staniforth begins by outlining her work designing and delivering “beginners’ cataloguing training”, and argues why such training in sorely needed within the library and information sector. Suzanne Barbalet and Nathan Cunningham write about using classification for new and novel forms of data, and outline their pilot study which utilises UDC at the UK Data Archive. Ahava Cohen discusses multilingual, multiscript authority control, and the project to set up a multilingual and multiscript authority database in Israel. Anne Welsh discusses FRBR, BIBFRAME and relationships in cataloguing, with particular focus on the cataloguing of items as objects.

The second theme follows on from the topics of the conference: using current projects and working practices to discuss the future of cataloguing. Elly Cope describes a project which uses Google Analytics to analyse how users interact with the University of Leeds Library’s discovery layer. Diana Palmer describes a project at the Heinz Archive and Library, National Portrait Gallery, which focuses on cataloguing books about photographers. Finally, Alison Felstead writes about her career in cataloguing, taking the reader on a journey through the cataloguing past, her work as Head of Resource Description at the Bodleian Library, then through to her current role. Alison links the cataloguing past to the cataloguing future, sharing her thoughts about the future of cataloguing and the cataloguing profession. I hope you enjoy this issue of C&I.

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