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Identify and describe one research in Library and Information Science that can be classified as pure/basic research, applied/strategic research.

Research involves the development of generalizations, principles and theories that can be applied to similar situations. Best and Kahn (1998) define research as the systematic and objective analysis and recording of controlled observations that may lead to the development of generalizations, principles, theories resulting in prediction and ultimate control of many events that may be consequences or causes of specific activities. According to Busha and Harter (1980), research is the systematic quest for knowledge. Other authors have provided broader definitions of research.

1.    National Information Technology Policy in Nigeria: Prospects, Challenges, and Framework for Implementation.
This could be referred to as a basic research because; it involves extending the frontiers of knowledge (Information Technology Policy)in order to have a better understanding of the environment (Nigeria).It aims to discover information with regards to prospects and challenges in the implementation of Information technology policy that may be applied in the future. It tries to add to existing knowledge. It is a type of research that leads to generalizations and principles and the development of theories.

2.    Setting up and managing Information Communication Technology (ICT) laboratory in Nigerian Library School: Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Experience. 
This is could be referred to as applied research because; the setting-up of ICT laboratory in Nigerian library school is to solve existing challenges/problems in Ahmadu Bello University Library School. Applied research involves providing solutions to a practical problem or an immediate problem. It tries to improve a process or a product. In applied research, there is a problem at hand that needs a solution and this type of research is expected to provide solution to existing problems.

Identify twenty (20) primary publications and classify them as:
·         Descriptive Research
·         Correlational Research
·         Causal-Comparative Research
·         Experimental Research

1)    Fakeye, Stephen Abayomi Sunday. A Comparative Study of Information Needs of Librarians in Academic, Special and Public Libraries.                                                                                                                                ix, 121p. 1991.
2)    Ifidon, Betty I. Sources of Finance for Nigeria Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR) and the Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria (RRIN) Libraries.                                                                                   xi, 92p. 2991.
3)    Adegboro, Isaiah Ade. The Use of Library by the Students of Engineering and Students of Business Administration and Management of the Federal Polytechnic, Bida.                                                                                                  xi, 110p. 1991.
4)    Okusaga, Tajudeen Oludare. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Electronic Media Library in Two Television Stations: The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Ibadan and Ogun State Television (OGTV), Abeokuta.                                                                                                                                        xii, 135p. 1991.
5)    Dauda, Dishan. College Library Resources Utilization by Students of Colleges of Education at Jalingo and Hong.                                                                                                                                          xii, 139p. 1991.
6)    Badaki, Oluwatoyin Steven. Information Needs and Information Utilization of Members of the House of Assembly at Kogi and Kwara State.                                                                                                x, 145p. 1993.
7)    Uwa, Edward Onwuemebere. A Survey of Publishers and Authors Relationship: Management Implication for the Nigerian Book Industry.                                                                                                        x, 106p. 1993.
8)    Oyinloye, Ajibola Maxwell. Cataloguing and Circulation Control Systems at the IITA and UCH Libraries: A Comparative Study of Manual and Online Library Processes.                                                                                                                       vii, 114p. 1995.

1)     Edward, L. and Ayoka, A. O. Collection Mapping as an Evaluation Technique for Determining Curriculum and Collection Relationship: The University of Botswana Experience
2)    Akanbi, Hafsat  Mosunmola. Implementation of Records Management Programme in Lagos State University Problems and Prospects.                                                                                                 V, 178p. 1988.

1)    Aya, Philemon Stanley. Patronage of Internet Service by Social Scientist and Academics in Abuja. viii, 76p. 2000.
2)    Olorunda, Olufunmilola Olufunmilayo. Communication Skills as a Correlate of Effective Reference Service in Academic Library.                                                                                                                xi, 83p. 2000.
3)    Okwonkwo, Esther Ekene. An Assessment of Utilization of Serials in Kenneth Dike Library by Post graduate Students of the University of Ibadan.                                                                                     xiii, 100p. 1999.
4)    Ali, Benson Tungsusi. Publishing Capacity of the Federal University of Technology Yola in Support of Academic Programmes.                                                                                                                            xii, 103p. 1998.
5)    Oparaji, John Ugochukwu. An Apprasal of Service Delivery System in University Libraries in Lagos State.                                                                                                                                                                          ix, 117p. 1998.
6)    Sule, John Imokhai. The Role of Advertisement in Disseminating Health Information in Nigeria. viii, 70p. 1998.
7)    Ojamo, Oluwaseun Babatunde. The Information Needs of the Managerial Cadre of the N.N.P.C. ix, 90p. 1998.

1)    Boas, Ray. Synthesis Structure and Reaction of Metal Carbene Complexes with Phosphorus Centres in the Carbene Moiety.
2)    Kutz, Bral. Translidation Processes of Nitrilium Phosphanylid Complexes
3)    Suqqidi, Kai. C-Functionalized and/or Chiral Nitrilium Phosphaneylid Complexes


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