Sunday, August 7, 2011

Librarians are Information Sherpas

We definitely are in the information age. People are sending 1,200 tweets per second (tps) and spending 800 million minutes a month on facebook posting 900 million objects. What do we do with all of this information that is constantly being thrown our way?

The librarian isn’t a clerk who happens to work at a library. A librarian is a data hound, a guide, a sherpa and a teacher. Librarians – information professionals – are more critical to knowledge sharing than ever before because of the increased amount of information being shared.

While librarians are “information professionals” you also are a knowledge expert in your organization. Are you ready to be a change agent?

As leaders in knowledge management we are uniting as change agents as the future of information is rapidly changing. Are you ready today to be an information sherpa for your organization? Be Future Ready.

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