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On the 5th of April, 2011, Masters, Library and information Science students paid a scheduled excursion to the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan. The excursion was led by the Dr. A. Adetiminrin, and we were received by the library manager- Mrs. Ezemo.

The International Institute of tropical Agriculture (IITA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1967, governed by a Board of Trustees, and supported by several countries.

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) is one of the world's leading research partners in finding solutions for hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. IITA research for development addresses the development needs of tropical countries. IITA work with partners to enhance crop quality and productivity, reduce producer and consumer risks, and generate wealth from agriculture.

The Library Service provides easy and quick access to information that scientists, visiting scientists, collaborators, training participants, and students need to work productively and cost effectively regardless of location.

The library subscribes to a variety of print and non-print materials and provides access to the full text of about 145 electronic journal titles and databases. The library database has over 113,000 records and the public catalog is accessible on the Web. The collection is mainly in English and some in French. The photo library consists mainly of digitized slides and can be accessed through the image database and also through Flickr.

The bibliography is built on open access called AGOR with full text and has over 6700 records. Most of their publication used to be in print and are kept in the closed access, but efforts are been made presently to digitize all published materials. The library of congress classification scheme is used for the classification of library materias.
In its futuristic plans, IITA library hopes to be a regional hub for agriculture.

The library offers the following services:
• Online access to the full text of current journal articles in 132 journals via Swetswise (in collaboration with all the other CG Center libraries).
• Access to the full text of journal articles in 145 journals via TEEAL (1993−2005).
• Electronic access to various databases such as CABDIRECT, CGVLibrary (Centralized access to libraries, catalogs and databases held by the CGIAR centers), and AJOL (African Journals Online).
• Internet/Database searches and retrievals.
• Electronic delivery of documents regardless of location.
• Library catalog on the Web.
• Interlibrary loan (local and international).
• Access to images in the image gallery.
• Reference service via e-mail, live-support requests, phone, or at the Circulation desk.
• Lending of books and journals.
• Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI).
• Distribution of relevant IITA publications and knowledge materials.

IITA use’s Inmagic software as its library software. The Inmagic library software is a full-featured library management system that combines highly flexible information management tools with a web-based integrated library system (ILS) to easily manage, publish, and access library and resource centre assets.

Inmagic’s workgroup tools and publishing capabilities are integrated with its successful library automation system, to deliver a Web-based integrated library system (ILS) combined with flexible information management tools:

Inmagic's DB/TextWorks is a text-database product that is a combination of database and text retrieval software that enables you to build networked and standalone text bases to manage diverse types of information including text, images, and multimedia.

Inmagic is uniquely suited to meet the ever-changing information needs of special and corporate libraries. Designed for information professionals within workgroups, Inmagic is ideal for single-or multi-site libraries and resource centers requiring a single catalogue to cover multiple collections. It delivers all-inclusive library management functionality, delivered through a streamlined, easy-to-use interface.

Inmagic can complete a keyword search across 100,000 records in less than one second while the same search in a standard DBMS can take more than a minute. The difference comes from DB/Textworks' ability to index every word in a textbase.

You can execute complex queries by entering words and phrases in search prompts for each field or groups of fields. Choose from a variety of Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) and specify the selection criteria, such as dates, keywords, phrases, ranges, and proximity relationships, to broaden or narrow your searches.

The Inmagic library software is an integrated collection anchored by Genie ILS which provides you with all-inclusive library management functionality. The software modules include: acquisition, cataloguing, serials, loans, reports and system administrator.

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